About Lisa

Lisa Ashman is known for her relentless drive to help others to achieve their personal vision for success.

Lisa knows this because she has heard her own words and has taken action.  Her belief is by helping others succeed, she succeeds.   With experience in the corporate arena as a Consultant in the corporate travel to a Certified Collections Specialist, she was well aware, of the intensity of the corporate world and the struggle of many desiring to start an at-home business.   Recognizing that, Lisa emerged herself into educating herself in the world of marketing online.    Learning valuable tricks of the trade from her online experiences, she became well versed in content, affiliate, email, social media and video marketing.  This lead to her becoming a sought-after mentor in the “Work from Home” business arena.


Lisa’s goal is to motivate and mentor audiences coast to coast to achieve success with inspired action.   Serving as a guide to navigating others in the world of successfully working from home businesses.  Lisa believes in the power of individual differences. This belief drives her to help others recognize their unlimited potential and unique purpose in life to succeed, personally and professionally.