Why People Share: The Psychology Behind Social Media

Social media has taken the internet by storm. There are 31.25 million Facebook messages, 347,222 tweets, 17,361 LinkedIn profile views, 48,611 Instagram pictures, and 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded each minute. The internet is full of content that’s constantly being created or shared.

We already know what is happening, but let’s dig a little deeper and get to the “why” of it. Why do people love sharing on social media? What’s the psychology behind it?

As luck would have it, a study by the New York Times Consumer Insight Group found the answer for us. Researchers concluded that there were five major reasons why people share on social media:


Perhaps this is the most obvious answer, but it was also the least common reason out of the five. Everyone loves a good dog video or a funny prank that they can laugh at and share with their friends. After all, what is the internet for if not entertainment?

Less than half of shares are motivated by entertainment or passion. Nevertheless, it does explain the tendency for funny YouTube videos to go viral as people want all their friends to see it.

Supporting a cause

It’s almost impossible to go onto social media and not see someone talking about a cause they are passionate about. The study found that 84% of respondents use social media to share their support for a social cause. Whether it’s fighting against immigration bans or police brutality, social media remains a powerful tool for expression.

A perfect example of this would be the Ice Bucket Challenge. Politicians, celebrities, athletes, and hundreds of others all participated in this viral challenge which helped raise over $130 million for various ALS organizations.


Related to the above point, many people share on social media to feel good about themselves. A simple click of a button can let all your Facebook friends know how they can best provide relief to hurricanes or donate to their local homeless shelter.


Sure, some might call it slacktivism, but it’s hard to overlook just how excellent social media is for raising awareness of important causes. It’s an easy way for people to make themselves feel better while fighting for a good and noble cause.

Expressing Yourself

The study found that 68% of respondents love sharing things that they feel helps them express who they are. Whether someone is showing the world their love of dogs or how excited they are for the latest blockbuster summer hit, there’s something that just feels good about expressing yourself. No places are as good at showing someone’s uniqueness as social media.

It only takes a few clicks to let the world know who you are and what you like. Many people don’t have the chance to divulge such details about themselves in the regular world, so social media provides a wonderful vehicle where they can truly be themselves without fear of judgment or restriction.


This last point takes us to the social aspect of social media. More and more people are making new friends and connections online. It doesn’t matter if you’re finding your next hot date on Tinder or connecting with a potential new business partner on LinkedIn—social media and the internet has made meeting new people much easier than ever.

According to the study, 78% of respondents share on social media to keep in touch with old friends. It makes sense when you consider that the vast majority of Facebook friend lists are people that most users never keep in touch with. Sharing content allows them to reconnect with those who they haven’t talked to in a while and rekindle old friendships.


It’s impossible to deny the massive influence that social media has in our current day and age. The influence of companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also allows brands to capitalize on new opportunities as they can reach people who are just casually scrolling through pages from the comfort of their phone.

Take a look at your content and ask how it plays in to one of these five psychological factors. You never know what sort of marketing strategies might arise after a little bit of introspection. And, if you’d like more access to invaluable online marketing strategies, check out my done-for-you system.

How to Prioritize Your Time, Money, and Energy for the Best Results

Many people in this industry tend to over-complicate things with online marketing.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing at all…

You just need to get from point-A-to-point-B with the least resistance.

And the secret to success is to prioritize your time and your money.

Prioritize Your Time

You should get started every morning by performing the high-level, creative tasks that actually bring you money.

People have the most mental energy available first thing in the morning.

That’s when you should send out an email to your list – in the morning while you’re at your peak.

Here’s another piece of advice: DO NOT check your email in the morning…

I strongly advise against checking your email inbox first thing in the morning, because hen you start replying to emails and focusing on many different issues, it’s easy to get distracted and waste the most productive time of your day.

And before you know it, two or three hours have gone by, and you’ve wasted your peak mental state on something that doesn’t require that peak mental state.

Prioritize Your Money

As far as prioritizing your money, if you are brand new in business, you should invest your money into whatever will produce cash flow.


The highest return-on-investment (ROI) you could possibly make is to put your money into acquiring new customers.

That’s why it is SO important to put some money into paid ads first, because that’s the best and quickest way to get sales now.

And if you want to get sales even faster, I have a great opportunity for you…

It’s called The Laptop Lifestyle System and it has paid regular people like you over $103 million in commissions.

The system was designed for normal people (like you), gives you a coach, and teaches you how to get leads online.

The company behind this system builds the websites, fulfills the products, and sells your leads into higher priced programs that you continue getting commissions on – for life.

And every time our phone team closes a sale, you could make BIG commissions of $1,250, $5,500, or $10,000 per sale… and sometimes more!

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Former Survivor Winner Reveals the Skills You Need to Win

I was just reading an article by former Survivor winner Austin McCarty, and he gave some great tips on what it takes to win.

He said: “First it takes skill. You must be smart, socially adept, and able-bodied to win. Then it takes the ability to harness those skills. Any Survivor fan knows that countless capable contestants have seen their torches snuffed due to poor thinking, massive social blunders, and/or key physical failures. It is here that some contestants—but not many—are eliminated.”

If you want to “survive” in your online business, there are three important skills you need:

Skill #1: The Ability to Sell

The most important skill you need is the ability to sell. This skill is number one. If you can’t sell, you’re going to have a hard time making any money online.

Most people don’t like to sell. But this is a universal principle—If you want to do well in business, you need to know how to sell.

To sell in business, you’re persuasively describing the benefits, and talking them into paying you for your products and/or services.

Skill #2: The Ability to Write Sales Copy

Copywriting is the ability to communicate in writing and persuade someone to take action.

Good copy raises the awareness of your product to your target market. It shows how your product stands out from all the other competition. It quickly grabs him and paints a vivid picture how your product makes his life better. And to overcome his objections, you guarantee he’ll be 100% satisfied—or his money back.

You should also try to write as if you were meeting someone for the first time. Pretend you have 30 seconds to talk your new friend into buying into your online marketing company. The write down what you would say to sell them.


Skill #3: Hire the Right People

If you want to blow this up really big, there’s absolutely no way you’re ever going to do it on your own.

When you hire a few key people to create an effective team, it can have a dramatic effect on your organization’s growth.

Once you build up the right team, it will help you scale to doing millions of dollars per year, tens of millions, even over a hundred million dollars per year.

And if you’re a beginner, or a “rookie” in the online marketing business, there are 21 simple steps you need to take before you can become an online millionaire.

For example, 22-year-old Steven Bransfield used these 21 steps to go from zero to over a million in less than two years.

In fact, he just published a new video explaining step-by-step exactly how he did it.

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What Is People-Based Marketing?

Marketing is all about reaching people and all marketers want to find out how to reach the greatest amount of people with the smallest amount of effort. This often means sending the same generic message to hundreds, if not thousands, or people. However, everyone is unique and therefore has unique needs. What is relevant to one person might not be relevant to the next. It’s hard to be that brand that appeals to everyone since each person is so different. This is where people-based marketing comes in.

What It Is

 People-based marketing represents the original promise of digital and internet marketing; it allows you to replace your broadcast with personalized messages and experiences that the consumer wants to see. It allows brands to establish a marketing system centred around the individual consumer and utilize plenty of data to track that person’s behaviour and spending habits. People-based marketing strategies revolve around the consumer and all marketing efforts are aligned to fit their needs.

One company that utilizes people-based marketing very well is Spotify. Users stream music for several hours a day, often depending on their mood. Listening habits change when the user is relaxing, driving, or exercising and Spotify tracks all this data.

Spotify’s algorithms help create customized and personalized experiences for its users. It will recommend new releases that the listener might enjoy, create personalized playlists based on listening habits, and even remind users of music that they haven’t listened to in a while. These features make users feel like Spotify is tuned into their specific wants and needs.

The best way to utilize a people-based marketing strategy is by paying attention to the three main elements:


 This is the first and most important part of people-based marketing. Without any identification, everyone you’re trying to target might as well be a nameless and faceless person.

Cookies used to be the main method of tracking internet users, but this method is slowly becoming outdated. More people are using multiple devices, especially smartphones, to connect to the internet and much of this information cannot be tracked using cookies.

One of the main ways to identify people is with deterministic targeting which targets users based on accounts and email addresses. For example, Amazon can track what someone doing whether they’re using a desktop browser, mobile app, Kindle, or Alexa since it requires them to use the same account for all platforms.

Another strategy is called probabilistic targeting which uses data analysis to link devices based on things like location and IP addresses. For example, if a computer and a smartphone are both connected to the same home Wi-Fi address, it’s a possibility that both devices are owned by the same person.



You want to find out the most you can about your consumer by collecting data. You can use identifiers such as email addresses to dig up all sorts of information about their habits. This includes, but isn’t limited to, what devices they use, what they like and share on social media, who they follow on social media, what they’ve purchased, what product reviews they’re read or written, which products they’ve looked at, and how often they spend.


 Lastly, automation is what will make your life easier. You probably have received several automated marketing emails in your life, many of which were tailored to your personal needs. Common automated emails you might’ve received are:

  • Telling you events or products you might be interested in based on your history
  • Telling you that your shopping cart isn’t empty
  • Telling you when an item is restocked
  • Asking you if the product arrived on time
  • Asking you if the product was in satisfactory condition
  • Asking you how much you liked the product
  • Asking you to leave a review


 People-based marketing is the future of marketing. You should strive to aim for individuals rather than masses for a more effective marketing strategy.

One easy way to do this is to use an identity resolution service like LiveRamp IdentityLink which helps identify consumers and track their habits. You should also utilize digital marketing platforms to keep a database of consumers and track their unique habits.

It’s not a stretch to say that people-based marketing can completely transform how your company reaches out to consumers and makes sales. If you’d like more access to invaluable marketing strategies, check out my done-for-you system.

For more information and free consultation please schedule a time. You may reach my office at 585-304-0589.

How to scale your business up to $1 million

If you want to scale your business up to $1 million or more, there’s one proven strategy that could get you there faster than anything else…

First of all, let me assure you that it is possible for anyone to go from zero-to-a-million dollars each year.

But you must be good at sales and marketing, have that drive to hustle, and most importantly, you need to find and hire motivated employees to help you scale.

In fact, you can quickly build up to $1 million with a very small staff of just 5–10 people.

With a small team, everyone knows who everyone else is, and each person knows their role.

And even if they work remotely all around the world, everyone still knows what everyone else is doing.

However, when your goals increase from $1 million to $10 million, you’ll need to bring a lot more people on board, and you’ll need to put new systems into place…

Like segmenting everyone to their own Skype groups, and having weekly meetings with your managers so everyone stays on the same page.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is keeping everyone on the staff focused on reaching the same goals.

If you can overcome that, you’ll be well on your way to making seven or even eight-figures with your online business.


And if you want to scale even faster, I have a great opportunity for you…

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Bait and switch offers in internet marketing…

By far, the number one complaint I hear from people online is they get pummeled with different make-money-online
offers which promise the world for free… only to be disappointed when they ask for payment at the end.

I saw one of these myself the other day. It said, ‘no credit card required’ right there on the sales page, and then at the end lo and behold, an order form appeared for $197.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with paying for good training, but when they outright lie about it being free, I get annoyed.

It does promise a lot, but it delivers. At the end you can get started for free, as long as you meet the qualification requirements.


They are not hard to meet; you just need to be willing to invest at least 30 minutes a day into the training, work with your personally
assigned coach, and take this training seriously.

I’d estimate that at least 75% of people reading this right now will qualify. To find out if you’re one of them, go here and watch

The Next Paradigm Shift for Internet Marketing (video)

Most people get started in this industry because they’re looking for an easy way to make money online from home.

Just think about it… deep down, we all get started in this industry because we want to easily make a lot of money online.

That’s the mindset you should have with your new leads and clients…

They are looking for a quick, easy solution to their problems – and they want to make money FAST.

The Internet has enabled everyone on the planet to get instant solutions, so the latest big shift in Internet Marketing is moving towards things being “Done For You.”

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People love investing into a business that’s already “done for them,” because it’s less work for them, plus the possibility to make more money.


The closer you can get to doing everything for them, the more you will sell (and the more you’ll make).

In fact, if you’re a beginner, or a “rookie” in the online marketing business, there are 21-simple steps you must take in order to become a millionaire online.

In fact, 22-year-old Steven Bransfield implemented all 21 of these steps to launch from zero to over $1 million in less than two years.

Steven just published a new video explaining step-by-step how he made it.

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3 Ways to Secure the SEO Budget You Need


I’ve heard digital entrepreneurs say that Search Engine Optimization is “free” visitors. I need to assist set the document straight by letting you recognize that web optimization is just not “free.” Budgets are nonetheless wanted to put in writing content and have a web optimization advisor work on an internet site.

There have been a number of occasions in my profession that I wanted to create a compelling argument for extra finances for an web optimization marketing campaign. Most of these suggestions are sometimes challenged, but hundreds of dollars for PPC may be spent with out blinking an eye fixed. Some entrepreneurs would say it’s simpler to see the ROI on advert spend in comparison with the search engine optimization campaigns and initiatives that we’re additionally operating.

There are a 3 causes that search engine optimization specialists wrestle to get the budgets they need in comparison with their digital promoting counterparts together with:

  1. web optimization is a long-term technique
  2. Proving ROI for search engine optimisation
  3. Potential search engine optimization dangers from blackhat techniques

Now’s the time to discover ways to showcase the significance of search engine marketing and struggle for the finances that it must make your web site profitable from an natural standpoint. Under are some prime ideas for getting the web optimization finances that you really want and wish to point out success.

search engine optimisation is a long-term technique

Step one to getting the price range you request is educating your staff and determination makers that search engine optimisation is a long-term technique. In fact, there are search engine optimisation techniques which you could full, however search engine optimisation takes time to work when finished appropriately.

By offering schooling and knowledge, you’ll be able to construct belief from the beginning and setting sensible expectations for all events concerned.

The aggressive nature of your business may even decide how a lot search engine marketing price range you’ll need. A aggressive business ought to anticipate to pay extra money to be aggressive to realize extra visibility. Aggressive industries often take an extended time to penetrate from an search engine marketing standpoint and can want a extra superior technique to succeed.

Most seasoned search engine optimization specialists can present an estimate on when an internet site will see an natural profit, particularly when prioritizing techniques. State that from the listing of prioritized web optimization techniques, you possibly can estimated that the web site will start to see natural efficiency enhancements inside a pair weeks to months.


Proving ROI for web optimization campaigns

This could be an important purpose you aren’t getting the price range you’re requesting. web optimization may be arduous to attribute success to should you don’t plan for it. Monitoring and monitoring your analytics is essential to success. Typically, search engine marketing groups will report on the incorrect metrics like periods, bounce fee and key phrase rankings. These vainness metrics are necessary to trace however not essentially to probably the most important metrics to share with an government. As an alternative, give attention to displaying what number of conversions have been generated by way of natural periods.

Then, it’s essential to return to a consensus on what these conversions usually internet for ROI. That method you’ll be able to present an estimate on income from the natural campaigns. ead of financial worth.

web optimization groups also can leverage details about what the corporate is investing in PPC efforts to create a finances and search engine optimisation technique to rank for these key phrases organically, probably saving the corporate money. Then, that money that’s saved could be reallocated to different paid efforts or further search engine marketing campaigns.

The potential search engine optimization dangers of unfavourable techniques from earlier search engine marketing consultants

Most entrepreneurs are conscious of the adverse or blackhat web optimization techniques from the previous (and current). The actual situation with these techniques is as soon as found, it may be troublesome to reverse the impression. Most of the time, site owners who’ve been hit with a search engine optimization penalty might be reluctant to work with different search engine optimization distributors. Moreover, there a a number of web sites on-line which might be prepared to cost a low quantity of money whereas offering ensures which are meaningless. Blackhat techniques and horrible ensures shine a nasty mild on the search business.

When looking for a possible company or companion for search engine marketing, ensure that they don’t seem to be implementing blackhat search engine marketing techniques as they will have a long-term impression.

Time to get your finances

search engine marketing is a tried-and-true, cornerstone tactic of profitable digital marketing packages. When you’re struggling to get the finances you want, the information above will help you safe a web optimization finances that may provide help to meet your marketing objectives.

When you’re on the hunt for an company that will help you meet your natural search objectives, check out our Search Engine Optimization providers to see if we’re a match in your wants.


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A New SEO & Content Marketing Model


For over a decade now, the elemental unit of content marketing has been the blog publish. Your submit could also be a block of textual content, an infographic, or a listicle about memes, however the underlying construction is identical. A daily cadence of posts to the corporate blog is the inspiration of most content marketing methods.

The issue is, every particular person blog publish has solely a small window of effectiveness for Web optimization. A submit may go viral, get tons of of shares, after which sit in your archives for eternity. Figuring out and selling evergreen content can get extra mileage out of a superb submit. However by nature and design, these posts aren’t constructed to be an everlasting Search engine marketing useful resource. Give it some thought: When was the final time you clicked by means of on a blog submit that was over a yr previous?

That’s to not say it is best to cease running a blog altogether, in fact. Blogs generate subscribers, assist promote gated belongings, contribute to thought management—all worthwhile objectives for content entrepreneurs. However as Search engine optimization continues to evolve, it’s time for brand spanking new fashions of Web optimization-driven content.

At TopRank Advertising, we’ve been engaged on a brand new option to combine Search engine optimization and content to construct longer-lasting, extra beneficial assets. Primarily, it’s reverse-engineering evergreen content, purposefully constructing well-supported “tentpole” content with Web optimization baked in.

Right here’s methods to design a content technique I’m calling the “Huge Prime” mannequin.

#1: Create Your Tentpole(s)

The tentpole content is the large asset that the remainder of your technique can be supporting. It ought to be a complete tackle a single matter related to your small business and your viewers, one with loads of alternatives to crosslink with supporting content.

Analysis subjects and key phrases in your tentpole the best way you’d any best answer content: take heed to clients, consider competing content, and use instruments like Bloomberry and UberSuggest.

What is going to make your content right into a tentpole as an alternative of a blog publish are a number of distinguishing options:

  • A tentpole must be between 1500 and 3000 phrases.
  • Your tentpole will cowl a number of points of your matter, divided into 250-300 phrase sections, every part based mostly on long-tail key phrases.
  • This final one is vital. Your tentpole won’t stay in your blog. It ought to have a everlasting place of satisfaction, ideally no more than two clicks deep into your website, with a brief URL. A “Assets” part is the perfect place.

You’ll be able to break up the sections in your tentpole with eye-catching visuals, embedded SlideShare or video content, even CTAs to gated content.

Your tentpole is a main location or influencer engagement as properly. Curate quotes from influencers to spotlight within the textual content—or, higher but, attain out to influencers to co-create and cross-promote the content.

Right here’s an excellent instance of a tentpole piece our shopper LinkedIn Advertising Options revealed earlier this yr: How to Advertise on LinkedIn. Discover it’s not a publish on their blog; it’s a standalone useful resource. This piece is at present rating on the prime of the SERP for “Tips on how to promote on LinkedIn.”


You don’t should restrict your technique to a single tentpole, both. When you’ve got a number of subjects you could cowl in depth and at size, create a pole for every one.

#2: Create Your Stakes

Your “stakes” are blog posts that may hook up with the tentpole, driving visitors to it out of your blog and boosting the blog’s Search engine optimization as properly. There are a number of methods to create a supporting stake:

  • Take one 200-300 phrase part and increase it with supplemental materials to 750 phrases or so, because the content requires
  • Cowl a associated matter that naturally hyperlinks to your tentpole
  • Create an announcement submit for the tentpole launch
  • Do an influencer roundup on a subject associated to your tentpole

Every stake ought to have a CTA to the tentpole. When you have anchor hyperlinks for navigation, as in our instance above, you can too hyperlink to particular subsections which are related to the publish.

#three: Join Your Guylines

Guylines join the stakes to the tentpole, offering stability and construction. In content phrases, meaning creating hyperlinks out of your supporting content to the tentpole and vice versa. The objective is to create a vacation spot that customers can discover, following their curiosity by means of a number of items of content, forwards and backwards from the pole. This type of structuring supplies worth on your readers, and will increase constructive search engine alerts like time-on-site and session size.

As you develop extra tentpoles, search for alternatives to hyperlink them collectively. Make certain every hyperlink is a logical subsequent step on your reader. Over time, your “content huge prime” can turn out to be a full-fledged three-ring circus.

#four: Say, “Come One! Come All!”

Help your tentpole launch with all of the amplifying pressure you’ve got:

  • Use stats or quotes to make social media advertisements
  • Publish excerpts (or one among your stakes in its entirety) on websites like LinkedIn and Medium
  • Encourage influencer amplification
  • Hunt down visitor posting alternatives

These promotional efforts will construct in your tentpole’s native Search engine optimization worth, giving it some momentum that may assist construct exterior hyperlinks and usher in natural outcomes.

Make Your Content material the Biggest Present on Earth

The Ringling Brothers have put up their huge prime for the final time, however your massive prime content can final for years to return. Simply keep in mind to maintain it related; plan for normal updates and revisions (that are an ideal alternative to re-promote the content).

The standard blog submit continues to be a elementary unit of content marketing. However once you complement the blog with Search engine marketing-optimized tentpole content, the outcomes may be… in tents.

Need to study extra about greatest reply content? Take a look at these 6 inspiring examples.


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